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New leadership, new strategy, new team, new acquisition, new expectations, new deals -  INFLUENCE delivers new thinking to the issues and circumstances that test leadership in organisations. 


INFLUENCE unlocks the power of social identity to build your organisation's leadership bench-strength, unlock high performance and higher levels of well-being.

"It's not about you"

Influence Consulting is the first firm to offer advice and development in the New Psychology of Leadership.


Industry, government agencies, hospitals and allied health, as well as Australian and UK military units have adopted the new psychology of leadership, known as the social identity approach, that delivers real change in organisational performance, teamwork and wellbeing.

Readiness, Prediction, Speed

Influence helps you take control of change.

Our expertise in the social identity approach and the practice of social influence is, we believe, a unique feature of our firm.

We help you build readiness and support, predict and deal with resistance, minimise risk and speed up change.

Simple Rules - Straight Talk

With years of strategy experience as company directors, consultants, and teaching strategy at one of Australia's top graduate business schools we provide critical thinking, robust advice and realistic plans that will deliver real options and measurable performance.


We also help you lead the understanding and adoption of the strategy throughout the business.

Getting a "YES"

“No set of skills is as essential to participating in society as the skills enabling people to get others to think, feel, or do what they want them to do.”  

Eugene Weinstein


Influence provides consulting, coaching, and training in evidence-based principles and practices that help you to pitch credible, convincing and compelling proposals.  


Featured insights


Woman do it better

Over the last 4 months Nik Steffens, Sarah Bentley and Alex Haslam of the University of Queensland and Stephen Reicher of St Andrews University conducted a major review of leadership during COVID19.  The review was built around the 5R model of identity leadership. The resulting article was accepted today for publication in Social Issues & Policy Review (a preprint can be accessed here:

Here's the short version on what they found out.

The New Psychology Of Leadership

Just released. The second edition of:

The New Psychology of leadership


As Nobel Laureate George Akerlof notes, "the last ten years has made understanding what Haslam, Reicher, and Platow have to say only more urgent"


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The New Psychology of Leadership

what we do

What we do

Fresh ideas

At INFLUENCE we don't buy and sell someone else's proprietary models and programs - we know that the world doesn't always fit neatly into a trade-marked quadrant or circumflex.


Instead,  our work is informed by recent, peer reviewed, research and thinking from the world's foremost experts.


Fresh ideas, because there is little point in simply redoing the old ideas that worked 50 year ago when that world no longer exists.


We bring together highly experienced and qualified consultants, business directors and scholars to provide a new understanding and new answers to the human problems facing organisational leaders, including:

  • Post merger integration

  • New strategy deployment

  • Change

  • New leadership

  • Lifting team performance


When you need a "yes" INFLUENCE will help you develop the right persuasive strategy and craft the inspiring words  that will have your audience nodding in approval.

We have helped our clients win new business, negotiate new deals, motivate votes and persuade their way into the corner office.

For thirty years we have shown executives, and MBA students how to apply the art of rhetoric and the science of influence to new business bids, speeches and campaigns.


We teach MBA students, and executives how to be engaging and persuasive speakers so we occasionally like to practice what we preach.


We'd love to come speak to your team - as long as you only want us to speak about:

  • Leadership

  • Strategy

  • Team performance

  • Change

  • Persuasion


and you don't mind a few sacred cows being toppled in the process.

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