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INFLUENCE brings together highly experienced consultants from business, psychology and academia to provide a new understanding and new answers to the human problems facing organisational leaders, including: 

  • Post merger integration

  • New strategy deployment

  • Major change initiatives

  • New leadership

We are pioneers in the application of the social identity approach to organisations. Built upon more than 40 years of social psychological research, the social identity approach (SIA) explains and predicts leadership, influence, group formation and group dynamics.

Founded by Randal Tame in 1997 INFLUENCE has worked with executives an boards in large and small corporations, government, police and military across Asia and the Pacific. Apart from extensive consulting and corporate education assignments, Randal has, since 1995, taught at MGSM, one of world's top business  schools. He is also a guest lecturer in leadership at the Australian Strategic Defence Studies Centre. He is an experienced non-executive director, has an MBA from MGSM and studied for his PhD in social identity leadership under Alex Haslam and Kim Peters.

What we believe

We believe that in times of change people seek direction and structure from trusted leaders who seek power through, not over people. We believe that leadership is not about getting people to do things, it is about getting them to want to do things, it is about influence, not compliance. We believe that leadership is not about the leader but about the how leaders and followers come to see each other as collaborative members of a common team.


We know that when leaders build a sense of “us”, when they give voice to their follower's group identities and treat them respectfully, they increase the legitimacy of their authority and foster trust in the process of leadership and in the outcomes that subsequently flow from it.  

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