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Integrated framework for Leadership Deve

integrated leadership development


the new psychology of leadership

"Better than the old"

Unlike many leadership development programs, INFLUENCE's Integrated Leadership Development (ILD) asks you to work with your team members through a series of activities that develop and deliver organisational goals while at the same time helping you to understand what you need to do to develop personal leadership capability, to define the future leadership capability requirements of your organisation and then, to work together to remove roadblocks and achieve outcomes.

A bespoke and practical five step program

The program includes five 1/2 to 1 day workshops which introduce key leadership concepts and provide a forum for discussion and direction. Between workshops you will lead your team on projects and carry out activities that help you to develop a better understanding of the identities that your team prioritise and their shared values and aspirations so that you can unite your team members around shared goals.


Coaching and support

Throughout the program we closely support progress through expert coaching sessions and ad-hoc support and advice.

Measured performance

At three points in the program we  measure the development of capabilities using a validated Identity Leadership Inventory as well as bespoke measures of team and organisational performance.

Award winning 

The framework guiding the INFLUENCE methodology is built upon the 2017 APS award winning 5R identity leadership model developed by Pr. Alex Haslam of the University of Queensland and researchers in universities across the world.


A recent global study involving 20 countries from six continents shows that when team members perceive that their leaders engage in identity leadership this predicts positive organisational behaviours above and beyond those of traditional leadership including, team members feel more connected to the workplace , less burn-out, greater engagement and organisational citizenship, and higher performance.

Who can benefit from the ILD?

The program is ideal for organisations that want to build organisational leadership bench-strength and who recognise that high-performance requires leaders to work closely with the teams they lead.  It is also ideal if you are frustrated with the returns from your present “individual” leader development programs. If you think that leadership is all about ‘I’ and ‘me’, or that it is all about command and control, this is the wrong program for you. 

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